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About Us

CAF Internazionale is an online portal offering professional services in the field of international taxation. Advisory services are targeted mainly at those Italian nationals who have already their tax domicile outside of Italy or who are going to move abroad (the so called "expats"); our services are aimed also at those individuals earning income from property or other assets located in Italy. We provide assistance in Italian or in English.

CAF Internazionale covers the following areas:

  • residence, domicile and AIRE (the Register of Italians resident abroad)

  • taxation of property and real estate in Italy and abroad

  • Italy-sourced income of non-resident individuals and companies

  • foreign-sourced income of Italian-resident individuals and companies

  • possession of movable property, artwork and precious items abroad

  • gift and inheritance tax

  • taxation of foreign pensions and annuity distributions

  • Non-domiciled resident regime (UK)

  • mobility and internationally payable national insurance contributions (NIC)

  • compliance on fiscal monitoring of both property and financial assets held abroad by Italian residents

  • special tax regime for new residents in Italy

The international CAF is the only portal focused on online consulting on Italian taxation which is provided only by tax professionals who hold specific qualification in the field of international taxation.


CAF Internazionale Director

Lorenzo Ghiggini

Lorenzo Ghiggini

Lorenzo Ghiggini

International Tax Affiliate of the Chartered Institute of Taxation

  • CTA (Certified Tax Adviser aka “Tributarista”). Certification of conformity to the UNI technical standard 11511:2020 recognized at international level by IAF (International Accreditation Forum) and ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation).

  • ADIT (Advanced Diploma in International Taxation), CIOT (Chartered Institute of Taxation), London (UK) specialized in EU Direct Tax and Transfer Pricing

  • 2nd level university master in International Tax Law (LLD, EQF8)

  • 1st level university master in Tax Law (LLM, EQF7)

  • VAT Compliance Diplomas (VCD), ATT (Association of Tax Technicians), London (UK) and PwC Academy Middle East, Dubai (UAE)

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