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Italian tax compliance

Italy features one of the most uneasy tax systems in the world, the rules and the regimes in place are so many that it is easy for foreign property owners or sole traders to find themselves in trouble with Italian State Revenue Service (SRS) and eventually to incur fines and penalties.

We help clients to go through all requirements and administrative procedures in order to prevent fines as well as unexpected actions from Italian State Revenue Service.

Assistance to foreign residents

Italian property owners

We provide clients with a clear outlook of what could be the  tax consequences both in their of State of residency and in Italy of owning  a property or a real estate in Italy , when and how taxes should be paid and how juridical double taxation can be avoided.


For those foreign nationals who decide to move their residency to Italy and to receive their pension there we will go through the administrative requirements in order to avail of tax exemption from their source State according to the double tax convention in place with Italy.


Inheritance taxmortis causacould be a problematic issue where a foreign national has put his tax domicile in another country or where properties located in the country. Italy has in place a few of  international conventions for the elimination of double inheritance tax.

Italian property short-term lease

We provide assistance in terms of tax compliance to those non-Italian residents who lease their Italian property on a short-term basis directly or through real estate agents.

The flat tax regime (the so called "cedolare secca") is available to private lessors resident and non-resident where they lease their property under certain conditions for short periods (<30 days), that's the typical case of property located in sea or mountain resorts and tourist destinations.

The flat tax regime is applicable to short-terms rents and it is available also to those individuals who rent a property and then sublease it also via portals like Booking or AirBnB who act also as withholding agents any time they forward to lessor payments they have received from lessees. In this case the Italian Revenue requires tax reporting obligation; the annual tax returns differ depending on whether the taxpayer is the owner or the tenant of the property.

This is something that could be somehow burdensome to foreigners; Cafinternazionale can provide full tax compliance and assistance in order to reduce tax risk related to any Italian property lease.

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