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Risposta scritta a quesito fiscale

Paid Q&A text consultation

It is possible to request an answer or an opinion on matter related to international taxation. The answer to the question is sent directly to the customer's e-mail box and digitally signed by our tax consultants who will be chosen based on the topic of the question and the user's tax jurisdiction.

Topics covered by the consultation

Our services concern the following international tax issues:

  • residence, domicile and AIRE registration

  • taxation relating to real estate and real estate rights in Italy and abroad

  • Italian source income of Italian citizens residing abroad

  • foreign source income of individuals resident in Italy

  • possession of movable property, works of art and precious objects abroad

  • gift and inheritance taxes and fees

  • treatment of pension contributions and retirement income

  • income tax for cross-border workers

  • fiscal monitoring and declaration of assets held abroad

  • tax concessions and bonuses for new residents in Italy

  • anti-money laundering and cash declaration

What is the procedure for getting an answer?

The service is available only to registered users or to members of the International CAF with a personal or business plan.

Our services become available following our acceptance of the customer's request.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. submission of the online request form by the customer: in the request form, the customer selects the service, the reference jurisdiction (s) and the topic for which the service is requested

  2. acceptance of the request and sending the quote to the customer. The pre-sale will take into account whether or not the customer has subscribed to a personal or business plan, in which case the discounts provided by the subscribed plan will be applied directly to the quote.

  3. the customer pays for the service

  4. sending the answer from the question to the customer either by email in PDF format or downloadable directly by accessing the inbox within the portal

In case of subscription to a Personal plan, the customer will be entitled to an answer to a tax question without any further outlay.

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