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It is possible to book an online webinar on a topic related to international taxation. The service is provided live via webcam video call with one or more of our tax experts selected on the basis of the subject and the tax law of interest of the user. The duration of the consulting is variable depending on the level of comprehension of the client despite usually our video calls last between 30 and 60 minutes.

Topics covered by the consulting

Our services concern the following international tax issues:

  • residency and tax domicile

  • taxation of real estate and property located in Italy

  • Italian sourced income of Italian citizens living abroad

  • foreign source income of individuals resident in Italy

  • possession of movable property, works of art and precious objects abroad

  • gift and inheritance tax

  • treatment of NIC, pension contributions and retirement income

  • direct tax for cross-border workers within and outside the EU

  • fiscal monitoring and reporting of assets held abroad

  • tax reliefs for new residents in Italy

  • anti-money laundering regulations and international restrictions on the use of cash

  • Non-domiciled resident regime of the UK

What is the procedure for booking the service?

The service is available only to members of the International CAF who have subscribed to a business plan.

Our services become available following our acceptance of the customer's request.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. submission of the online request form by the customer: in the request form, the customer selects the service, the jurisdiction (s) of interest and the topic of the webinar

  2. acceptance of the request and sending to the customer of the quote with direct application of the discounts provided for by the membership plan

  3. the customer pays for the service

  4. sending to the customer various options in terms of timing (hour / day) for the online webinar

  5. the customer selects one of the options in terms of timing

  6. confirmation of the appointment and sending the connection code to the customer

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